Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scripture Lessons Lyrics Challenge by Patter Cross - #7 - How Deep the Father's Love

This fortnight Patter has chosen to share a song I have sung often and really enjoy to sing. I urge anyone who visits my blog to please pop over to Patter's blog HERE and read her devotional thoughts and also go to the links she shares to hear the song sang and the writer of the song explain how the song came about. After reading what Patter teaches and listening to the song and singing along to the song, tears welled in my eyes.
As Patter asks... "Are you living as a purchased possession of Christ?".. I realised my answer is no!!! but oh how GREAT our Father's love is that He loves and forgives.
The first verse of the song is all about ME... I am that wretch or was that wretch.. I am surely now, His treasure and I intend to live the life I should do to bring God the honor and glory He deserves.

My page is totally digital and I enjoyed putting together. I used papers from Because He Lives by Kathryn Estry; Photo mask by Indigo Designs; wire hearts from Little Moments by Aprilisa; stitches from Sea Breeze by Lindsay Jane. Fonts - Playball and Aarh

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Scripture Lessons and Lyrics Challenge with Patter Cross - #6 - Until the Whole World Hears

Once again a song I had not heard before. Please visit Patter's blog HERE so you can read Patter's teaching, read the words of the song and listen to the song via the link that Patter shares.

The words from the song that I have used on my page ( totally digital - too busy this week to do anything hybrid) stood out to me.  I so want to be a better witness for our Lord. I felt the scripture - Isaiah 52:7 went with these words.
We need to be willing to share the good tidings which is the truth of salvation to really be the hands and feet of Jesus.

( For my digital art I have used two kits by Connie Prince - A Wing and a Prayer; and He Has Risen.)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Scripture Lyrics and Lessons Challenge with Patter Cross - #5 - Let Them See You

Again Patter has chosen a song I had not heard before by a band called JJ Weeks Band. Please visit Patter's blog  HERE to read her teaching and also find the link to the song if you would like to hear it sung.

When I read through the words of the song the words I have used on my page really stood out to me and straight away the scripture I have used came to my mind. Then the following day God's perfect timing that the Daily devotion my husband and I read each morning related to these thoughts. I will share the ending prayer and quote from the devotion:
Help me, Lord, to use my words not to tear down others or build up my own reputation, but to seek the good of others first, and in so doing to serve You and Your Kingdon.

and the quote which is a proverb from the Bible:

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles. - Proverbs 21:23

Here is my small page which is displayed in a CD case:

(For my digital art I used pieces from three different kits:  Morning Chirp by Mandy King; A Beautiful Place by Mandy King; Our Memories by Lindsay Jane)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scripture Lessons and Lyrics Challenge with Patter Cross - #4 - Good Morning

Another song this time that I do not know. Please visit Patter's blog HERE so you can read her devotional thoughts and visit the links to the song.

When I saw the words in the song which I have shared on my little card ( CD case size as that is how I display it), "Wave away my yesterday 'cause I'm leaving it behind me"; the verse from Psalm 103 came to my mind.  Our sins are forgiven and removed from us as far as the east is from the west. We can say goodbye to yesterday and leave it behind as it is gone.
Like the words in another song, all we need to be concerned about is "one day at a time".

( for my digital part of my page  I used a kit called 12 Days of Valentine by Stacey Carlson)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scripture and Lyric Lessons with Patter Cross - #3 - Always

This fortnight Patter has shared a song I had never heard before and the words are good ones.
Please visit Patter's blog HERE so you can read what she has shared and also visit the links to the song.

The line in the song "My God will come through always" stood out to me. Maybe because in life even our loved ones do not always come through for us but how wonderful to know and believe God does come through ALWAYS.   There are so many wonderful scriptures to remind us that He is our refuge and our strength.

For my  little piece of artwork which is mostly digital - I photographed it because scanning it did not give a very good result -  I printed an extra flower to attach to give a more realistic 3D effect and added a real brad to the centre.

( For my digital art I used a kit called "Soft and Pretty" by Trixie Scraps )

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Please may I encourage anyone visiting this blog if you have not read Patter's devotion for this fortnight's challenge to go to her blog HERE and read it.  It really spoke to me as lately I have been struggling in
feeling I was failing the Lord and not living as I ought to be.  My husband and I have yet to find a Christian fellowship to become involved in with our move to another state. Maybe I am lacking Christian fellowship why I have been feeling down lately but even so I should just trust in our Heavenly Father to do just as I have shared on my piece of art  -  "Turn me around - Pick me up".  These are the words from our given song that really spoke to me and the scripture is one that Patter shared and I felt it one I needed to take claim of - I need to stop living according to my sinful nature. I need to get my eyes back to being fixed on Jesus.

I created a slightly hybrid piece of art with having fun to make my own real washi tape by printing a digital paper over some masking tape.

(digital kit used - Everyday October by Jacqui Smith at Scrap Girls)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


For the sixth year I am taking part in a challenge hosted by Patter Cross. This year Patter is teaching us through scriptures and lyrics from Christian songs ( sometimes it may be a hymn).
Please visit Patter's blog HERE to read what she has to share to start our year off.

The song the lyrics for this fortnight came from is You are the Lord by Jeremy Camp. If you would like to hear the song and see the words please visit Patter's blog and your will find a link to the song.

This year I hope to combine some digital art with some papercraft for my small pieces of art. These pages each fortnight will be displayed in a CD case.  When I went to start working on my art this time, I had been making YoYo flowers from fabric for some cushion covers I was making and thought - why not add a small YoYo flower to my scripture art. I had chosen to work with red, purple and grey so off to my stash of fabrics and I found the right piece to make a flower.

As I read the words to this song the two lines I have shared on my artwork stood out to me - how wonderful the life that our Lord does give us - from the moment we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour our eternal life begins. I was once shared this fact in a youth group many years ago. It is not when we die that our eternal life starts - it is when we become a true believer.
The blessings I am receiving from the change my husband and I made towards the end of last year just shows how the Father does provide for us. We moved from a large city to a small country town to be closer to my daughter and her precious family ( I have 3 adorable little granddaughters ).

Here is my hybrid piece of artwork:
( my photography is not that good - it is not really as crooked as it looks)

Digital pieces - paper and tag from Girl Joy by Laura Louie; heart  from Just B Play by Angie Briggs