Monday, August 11, 2014

Scripture Lessons and Lyrics Challenge with Patter Cross - #`4 - You Are God Alone

Patter has chosen another song I had never heard of before. Please visit her blog and read her teaching from the song  HERE

I chose to work with the words " You are God alone - UNCHANGEABLE".  So many things in life change - I changed where I live last year - I not long along changed some of the colour in my hair - I changed what I do in my spare time this year with taking up an old hobby of crocheting.
But how wonderful to know that we may change but our God NEVER changes. His love is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  He loves me the same today  as when I first accepted Jesus as my Saviour back in 1981.
One of the recent change in my life is bringing me so much encouragement and helping me to grow in my relationship with our wonderful God. My husband and I now do a Bible Study with a neighbor across the road - he is a quadriplegic living with his elderly mother so he really enjoys our fellowship.

Here is my digital art for this fortnight:

For my digital art I have used two kits - Preghiera and Soliloquy both by Silvia Romeo.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scripture Lessons and Lyrics Challenge hosted by Patter Cross - #13 - King of My Heart

Once again Patter has shared a song I had never heard of. Please visit her blog HERE to read her thoughts on this song.
The words from the song that I have shared on my digital art stood out to me. I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father has washed away my brokenness and His arms are always open.

(digital kit used - Affections of the Heart by Deanna Patterson)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scripture Lessons and Lyrics Challenge with Patter Cross - #12 - Hello My Name Is

Please visit Patter's blog HERE to read the words of the song, listen to the song and read Patter's teaching based around this song.

For my digital artwork I used the kit - Secret of My Heart by Indigo Designs

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Scripture Song Lyrics Challenge with Patter Cross - #11 - Not for a Moment

Please visit Patter's blog HERE so can read her teaching and also find the link to the song. I had never heard of this song or the singer and I have now added a new CD to my wish list.

It is always so comforting to claim the promise in Hebrews 13:5 that our Sovereign God will never leave me ( you ).

( for my digital art I have used a kit called A Debonaire Gentleman by Keystone Scraps)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Scripture Lyric Lessons with Patter Cross - #10 - Worn

This challenge hosted by Patter Cross on her blog HERE this time features a song and group I have not heard of. Please visit Patter's blog to find the link to hear the song - Worn by Tneth Avenue North

The words in the song that stood out to me are the ones I have used on my digital page. There are times I feel this way but it is so wonderful to grab hold of the promises of God and know He never leaves us and all we need do is acknowledge Him and ask for His help in all that we do. We have no need to feel "worn" but we do. He loves us and does bless us with those "winter and spring rains" in life's journey.

( for my digital art I have used a kit called Life Blooms by Kristmess - available at Gotta Pixel )

Friday, May 30, 2014

Scripture Lyric Lessons Challenge with Patter Cross - #9 - Broken Hallelujah

Patter has given us a song I had not heard before but the words from the song that I have shared on my digital artwork is so true for me.  Sometimes I feel I do not spend enough time in prayer but I am reminded that even being aware of God's presence with me as I go about my day is being in pray with Him as I ask him for help in the different tasks of my day.

( for my digital artwork I have used pieces from three kits - White Linen, Winter White and Frippery - all by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin )

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scripture Lessons and Lyrics by Patter Cross - #8 - Life My Life Up

I have been having a busy time lately and not getting to my computer so much but I did get a page created for this fortnight with Patter. Please visit her blog HERE. You can read her devotional thoughts and see a link to the song. I had not heard of this one before.
With some plans happening in my life lately the words from the song that I have used on my digital art piece stood out to me. So then I went to the Bible Gateway website to find a scripture that would work well with those words.
The plans are nothing serious... just my husband and I this week booked a cruise to travel from Australia ( where we live) to New Zealand where my brother lives. My brother is excited about us coming to visit and see the home he has made with his wife in New Zealand.  I went on a cruise way way back when I was only 23. My husband has never been on one. It should be an adventure for us both.

Here is my page:

(for my digital art I used a kit called Crafty Me by Wimpy Chompers)